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Think in English

Sometimes it is something really difficult about speaking in a new language, perhaps it isn’t the language itself rather how you think about it.

If you think in your native language and then attempt to communicate in English, generally you will need to translate between languages. Translating has never been something easy! Indeed, even people who are fluent in two or more languages still have trouble switching between languages.

The solution to improve your spoken English is to think in English. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Attempt to use English when you are thinking to do something. For instance, you can think about your day in English, such as what food you want to order. If you can’t think of the words, you can look them up in the dictionary. That way you never need to use your native language and translate words. You will notice that when you think in English, it is easier to speak in English.

To start thinking in English, you can try to narrate your own particular everyday life as you experience it. Your every day life narration may sound something like this: "It's morning. I wake up and rub my eyes, preparing and planning for the rest of the day. Then I get out of my bed and go to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and washing my face. After that, I go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee, prepare breakfast for the family, and wonder what I should wear today.”

You can describe everything from what you are doing, what you see, what you hear or what you think. This will get you heaps of practices with using commonly used words, also you can speak fluently, and find out the mistakes that you always make and correct them.

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