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十大教學特色: Inner_about

I am an English Tutor and more an English Instructor

My goal being an English tutor is to get the student to learn on his or her own and I act as a guide. I provide feedback and lead the student to find the correct answer. On the other hand, being an English instructor, I am more responsible for student language learning and building the student’s store of linguistic knowledge. I provide my own detailed lesson plans and contents targeted to my student’s learning levels and styles. I explain grammar rules, introduce new vocabulary, instruct writing skills, explore reading strategy and actively teach the student new concepts in the English language.


作為英語的補習導師,我的目標是讓學生學懂自己學習,從旁指導學生如何自我提升。提供反饋意見,引導學生找到正確答案。另一方面, 作為一名英文講師,我更有責任讓學生學習和建立學生的語言知識庫。針對學生的學習水平和風格,提供詳細的課程計劃和適合的內容。詳細解釋語法規則,引入新詞彙,教導寫作技巧,探索閱讀策略,並積極教授學生英語新概念。

The Advantages of One-on-One English Lessons

During the one-on-one lesson, the teacher can focus 100% of my time and energy on addressing the students’ needs and they will certainly benefit from the increase in attention. When the teacher knows what the student needs and how to achieve that goal, she can produce more rapid results through one-on-one lesson.

  • The lessons can be personalized with customized curriculum and reflect exactly what students want or need.

  • Instructor can give the student 100% individualized attention and feedback.

  • Your lesson time can be scheduled around your life and work.

  • You can work on school or work-related material.



  • 可以透過定制課程進行個性化設計課程,並精確反映出學生問題及需要。

  • 教師可以給您100%集中的關注和反饋。

  • 上課時間可以有較靈活的安排,對於較多課外活動的學生或繁忙的上班族最適合不過。

  • 課程能緊貼學校的課程進度或與配合工作相關內容。

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