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Does Your Child Need a Private Tutor?

Nowadays students have increased studies and busy school extra curriculum activities. They can hardly have any family schedule. According to the Parents Magazine "6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor", there are six examples that child needs a tutor. One-on-one or individual teaching can bring marvel to your child studies by devoting 100% personalized attention to your child. 6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

  1. Slipping grades

  2. Not managing the time well

  3. Being consistently confused

  4. Lacking confidence

  5. Decreasing parental supervision

  6. Learning disabilities

今天小孩子學校的讀書和考試壓力越來越大,加上還要參加各種不同的課外活動,連跟家人的相處時間都變得更來之不容易。美國 Parents 雜誌 "6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor" 提出小孩如果有以下六種情況,一對一的教學可能有助他們的學業,透過老師100%的個人關注,也許會帶給小孩在學業成就上的奇跡。 六種徵兆你的小孩需要補習老師的幫助:

  1. 成績下降

  2. 不善於時間管理

  3. 對於學習內容產生疑惑

  4. 缺乏自信心

  5. 父母監管不力

  6. 學習障礙或困難

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